Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge 2 days

If you arrive in Peru and have additional days, you cannot miss visiting our Amazon Jungle, getting to know its inhabitants, the activities they carry out, connecting with the great Mother Nature, learning about the properties of its healing plants and getting to know the animals it houses. In Peru, we have several places to carry out these tours, these are: Puerto Maldonado, Pucallpa, Tarapoto, Manu and one more which is Iquitos, this is the place that we will detail in an itinerary below.

2 days
easy level
Group size:
from 2 to 8
Sea level
Travel style:
Ecology and Adventure
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Upon arrival in Iquitos, our staff will be waiting for you at the airport, or if you are already in Iquitos, pick-ups will be from the hotel. We will begin with a tour of the city of Iquitos, we will observe the main tourist places of the city in eastern Peru that in the 19th century went from a small town to the most important river port in the Amazon. Transfer to the pier to begin our boat trip to the Lodge. We will navigate the largest river in the world, the Amazon River, aboard comfortable and safe boats.
We will visit the Pedrito farm, in the town of Barrio Florido. Here we appreciate different species of local flora and fauna. We appreciate the paiche, the largest fish in the Amazon, we will also see a breeding ground for lizards and piranhas.
After 45 minutes, we will be arriving at the Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge. The lodge was built in the native style with natural materials and is surrounded by trees, plants and flowers, a tropical garden on high non-flood terrain. Our staff will welcome us with a pleasant welcome drink made with local fruits.
A brief explanation of the rules of our lodge so that you can make your visit and participation in ecotourism activities more rewarding. Accommodation according to the type of room chosen.
Lunch time. Our lodge gastronomy stands out because it includes natural and fresh products produced by the river and the farm. Dorado fish fillets accompanied by Cocona sauce, regional vegetable salads, beans, yucca and fried plantains, delicious stews that constitute another attraction of the jungle.
ECOCULTURAL CIRCUIT (Sinchicuy River Basin Ecosystem)
Walk or canoe trip (depending on the season) to “Nuevo Perú), where the community of the Yagua ethnic group is located, whose ancestors were discovered by the Spaniard Francisco de Orellana in his first exploration of the Amazon in 1541. This tour will take you It will allow you to learn about their ancestral customs, appreciate their original clothing made from palm fiber and also try your aim with the pucuna (deer), an instrument that the Yaguas have been using for centuries for hunting. We will continue with an ethnobotanical excursion. We will get to know very particular species of the plant kingdom such as sour cane, cat’s claw, aguaje, copaiba and even the so-called Ayahuasca (dead man’s rope).
We will continue with a tour through the riverside farm of Santa María de Ojeal, here we will observe some productive activities carried out by its residents; fish farms with native species, livestock raising, fruit orchards. We will be able to interact with the residents while we observe their typical homes, churches, schools and shops.
Night excursion
When night comes, the jungle allows us to enjoy unique sounds and sensations. Our guide will tell us when we will begin the excursion by canoe or on foot. By the light of a flashlight, we will observe the world of nocturnal insects, spiders, cicadas, praying mantises, etc. We will also distinguish the song of the owls and the “ayaymamas” interpreted as the language of fantastic beings in the local imagination.
To end the night, we will enjoy our delicious dinner. The guide will give us the details for the next day’s activities.

Bird watching: It is done during the early hours of the morning (05:00 – 06:00 am).
Next we will enjoy our delicious regional breakfast. We will have fruit juices and jams produced in the region (orange, papaya, cocona, melon), dishes and hot drinks to start the morning.
After breakfast, we will board our boat that will take us to the opposite end of the Amazon or as it is said locally to the “huashalado”.
We will observe pink dolphins, it is necessary to have some patience and be attentive to spot them, since by their nature, they are somewhat shy.
Upon reaching the community of Huashalado, we will be able to see plantations of cassava, banana, papaya and other typical products of riverside agriculture. Observation of a variety of wild animals found in semi-captivity, such as: monkeys, sloth bears, macaws, toucans, boas, lizards and achunis.
After an educational visit, we will return to the Lodge for lunch. At the indicated time, we will take our boat back to Iquitos, where a staff will be waiting for us to take us to the hotel or to the airport.
NOTE: The order of activities may vary due to weather conditions or operational situations.


  • Tourist transport
  • Professional adventure guide in English and Spanish
  • Combustible
  • Hull
  • Gloves
  • First aid kit


  • hiking shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Shelter coat
  • Snacks (water, fruits, cookies, etc.)
  • Extra money in soles

Group Tour

Private Tour

Additional Items

During the first day, activities are carried out such as a tour of the city of Iquitos, navigation along the Amazon River, visit to the Pedrito farm, eco-cultural tour to “New Peru”, ethnobotanical excursion and a night excursion. The second day includes bird watching, sailing to observe pink dolphins, visiting the community of Huashalado and observing wild animals in semi-captivity.

The tour includes tourist transportation, which can vary from land vehicles to boats, depending on the scheduled activities. The transfer from Iquitos to the lodge is done by boat through the Amazon River.

The lodge offers accommodation in rooms built in native style with natural materials, surrounded by trees, plants and flowers in a tropical environment. A brief explanation of the lodge’s rules is included and regional cuisine is offered for all meals.

During the tour, you can observe a variety of wild animals in their natural habitat, as well as in semi-captivity in the community of Huashalado. This includes pink dolphins, monkeys, sloth bears, macaws, toucans, boas, lizards and achúnis.

It is recommended to bring hiking shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, a warm jacket, snacks (water, fruits, cookies, etc.) and extra money in soles for possible additional expenses.

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