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Experiential Tourism in The Community of Chichubamba

Duration Full day
Difficulty Easy
Price: From

Chichubamba is a community found at 8,815 feet above sea level in the heart of the Sacred Valley that is home to around 180 families. The community is dedicated to activities such as agriculture and livestock, but also the raising of guinea pigs, ceramics production, and many other traditional activities that they like to share with visitors. In Chichubamba you will experience up close what rural families do on a daily basis all while surrounded by a beautiful green countryside.

Objective of the workshops: To showcase the rich cultural heritage passed down through the ages that has been ardently preserved by the community, and to provide insight into their traditional crafts and daily life through immersive experiences in each workshop session.

Duration: The duration of these workshops typically ranges from 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the level of interest and participation from our visitors. As you move through different locations within the community, you’ll engage in a variety of activities, including: the breeding of guinea pigs, agriculture, beekeeping, production of Chicha de Jora, chocolate and coffee making, and ceramics. Then you can enjoy a delicious Andean lunch surrounded by nature.



Before proceeding to the demonstration, we will begin with a warm and welcoming greeting by the members of the community. Then we will be led to the clay kneading and molding area where you can observe the preparation of the clay paste that will serve as the basis for the crafting of various ceramics and utilities. During the next part of the demonstration participants will be invited for a hands-on experience of molding the clay on the lathe and placing it in the oven for the burning phase.

In the final phase, you will be able to paint your pottery yourself using the unique and exotic designs taught to you, and you will be more than welcome to bring that piece of art made with your own hands home as a souvenir.


In this workshop we will be taught about the breeding of the guinea pig via a brief explanation about the origin of the guinea pig and their particular significance for the community.

Then we will be shown the different breeds of guinea pigs of the community to discover their particular characteristics, breeding techniques, mating time ,and how they are selected by age and sex. Finally, villagers will demonstrate how they prepare food for the guinea pigs and how they go about feeding them (a great opportunity for picture taking!).


In this workshop, we can learn about the production of chicha. In Inca times, it was used as a sacred drink with which they thanked the Pachamama (Mother Earth) and up to this very day it is consumed by Peruvians in traditional “chicherías”. We will be shown how this drink is produces and how long it takes to go through the whole process via the grinding of the corn, the cooking of the huiñapo, and the adition of various typical herbs. Finally, guests can participate in the filtering of the chica in strainers made of straw before being able get a delicious taste of this traditional beverage.


In this super sweet workshop, you will have the opportunity to show off your bravery getting close and personal with Andean bees. Of course, the bees will be gently smoked so that you can safely get closer to them in their boxes in which the honeycombs are stored. After a brief explanation about how the bees are bred and their history, participants will be shown how to carefully and effectively extract golden honey from the combs. Once you have extracted your tasty honey, it will be all yours to eat!


In this workshop we will be able to learn about the process of growing and keeping natural, ancestral and medicinal plants, followed by a brief explanation of climatic behaviors in relation to the seasons and how different crops like potatoes and vegetables are cultivated according to season.

We will also be show different tools that are used in every-day farm work such as the chaquitaqllas, which are used in plowing. Participants will then get the opportunity to actually take part in either plowing the land, planting, weeding or harvesting depending on the season, and each person will be able to collect medicinal plants in a basket for consumption; you will be able to taste the intense flavors and feel the unique healing properties of each one.


In this workshop, we will be given a hands-on demonstration of coffee in its different varieties, with participants helping not only in the roasting process while learning different roasting techniques, but also in the grinding process (which can vary depending on the type of bean used).

Finally, after being grounded and filtered by water through porous paper, the coffee is sweetened with panela or chancaca straight from Quillabamba and all guests will be invited to taste it.


In this final workshop, we will learn where the Cacao seed comes from and how homemade chocolate is made with select Cacao beans. You wil be shown how it is roasted, grinded and kneaded during its transformation into pure-paste-chocolate and its various variants. After being taught about chocolate molding, each participant will be able to make their very own chocolate mold and will be able to enjoy a delicious cup of real Andean chocolate.



  • Tourism transport.
  • Official tour guide.
  • Local interpreter.
  • Lunch prepared by the community.
  • Three activities (Chicha, guinea pig and ceramics worshop).
  • Biosecurity protocols.


  • Activities not mentioned above.
  • Drinks and extra expenses.



  • Passport or Identity Document.
  • Video and/or photographic camera.
  • Light clothing and comfortable shoes.
  • A personal backpack.
  • Rain poncho.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • Hat.
  • Binoculars.
  • Sunglasses and plastic bag.
  • Water canteen or bottle of mineral water.
  • Medicines and personal things.
  • Carry coins in small denominations Soles or Dollars




Verónica C
Verónica C
Excelente experiencia. Volvería a Perú y a contratar a Inca Perú Travel La experiencia con la agencia de turismo fue excelente y el personal es muy atento. Siempre puntuales y cumpliendo con lo pactado. Muy recomendable
Preeti K
Preeti K
Excellent - keep it going The more that is said about this team is definitely less. Jhon and I had been in touch for the last six months to draw this trip and since then to now when it is in conceptualisation it has been top notch professional with a touch of personal with them checking on my well-being etc. Abel came in once I arrived at Lima and since then has been my support. Guys this is a tour operator must to be considered. Infact I have met so many in Cusco who asked me of my trip details and I have no hesitations in recommending them. Bravo
ivani a
ivani a
Viagem Fantástica Agência incrível! Guias fantásticos! Em especial John, Abel e José Luiz. Super educados! Muito atenciosos! Tornaram a nossa viagem ainda mais inesquecível! Receba o meu abraço carinhoso ❤️
Andreia L
Andreia L
Uma inesquecível viagem por Machu Pichu Atendimento personalizado que nos encantaram! Serviços e as recomendações foram incríveis! Sempre muito atentes! Parabéns em especial para Abel, John e José Luís em Cusco!
Caroline d
Caroline d
Ótimo passeio! Fizemos o passeio para Machu Picchu e tudo foi incrível, nós buscaram no horário combinado no hotel, o carro e motorista eram ótimos. Eles cuidaram de reservar as passagens de trem e ônibus e os ingressos para vista à Machu Picchu e tudo saiu perfeito. O guia da vista também foi excelente, muito atencioso e solicitou, além de ótimo fotografo. Tudo foi impecável!
Andreia S
Andreia S
Surpreendente Desde o primeiro contato eles foram super atenciosos, montaram meu roteiro do jeito que eu queria e foi tudo pefeito. Cumprem todos os horarios e a atençao dada pelo Abel do inicio ao fim da viagem fez toda a diferença. Com toda certeza indicarei a Inca Peru Travel a todos os meus amigos do Brasil.
Léa B
Léa B
Merveilleux, foncez ! Que dire à part un grand merci. Nous avons contacté l’agence la veille, ils nous ont répondu directement en nous proposant des expéditions sur mesure selon nos envies et nos disponibilités (2 jours d’expéditions : 1. Vallées sacrés des incas et 2. Machu Picchu). Abel s’est rendu disponible pour nous expliquer tous les détails avant le départ et même pendant les expéditions. Nous avons passé deux jours incroyable, tout était planifié, nous n’avions plus qu’à visiter et s’émerveiller. Le tout pour un prix raisonnable ! Nous recommandons ! (Francais 22 & 26 ans)
Cristiani F
Cristiani F
Excelente experiência Desde o primeiro contato até o último passeio, a agência foi muito eficiente. Fomos atendidos pelo Abel, que foi sempre muito atencioso, correto e nos ajudou com todos os detalhes da nossa viagem, garantindo que tudo ocorresse perfeitamente. Os guias (Ed, Vilma, Monica, Giovanni) também foram excelentes. Recomendamos muito a agência Inca Peru Travel!
Allen D
Allen D
Cuzco trip January 2024 Wonderfull The services was great (follow up, assistance, attention to detail, tour guides friendly , etc) I would recommend them. Adventure and satisfaction 100% guarantee
Flávia A
Flávia A
Encantada Estou encantada com as belezas do Peru e com o atendimento que recebi em todos os locais que fui, a empresa Inca Travel foi excelente na indicacao dos passeios e escolha dos parceiros e guias, estão de parabéns. Estendo meus agradecimentos especiais ao atendente.Abel, Jhon e aos guias que nos acompanharam.

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