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Experiential Tourism in The Community of Chichubamba

Duration Full day
Difficulty Easy

Chichubamba is a community found at 8,815 feet above sea level in the heart of the Sacred Valley that is home to around 180 families. The community is dedicated to activities such as agriculture and livestock, but also the raising of guinea pigs, ceramics production, and many other traditional activities that they like to share with visitors. In Chichubamba you will experience up close what rural families do on a daily basis all while surrounded by a beautiful green countryside.

Objective of the workshops: To showcase the rich cultural heritage passed down through the ages that has been ardently preserved by the community, and to provide insight into their traditional crafts and daily life through immersive experiences in each workshop session.

Duration: The duration of these workshops typically ranges from 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the level of interest and participation from our visitors. As you move through different locations within the community, you’ll engage in a variety of activities, including: the breeding of guinea pigs, agriculture, beekeeping, production of Chicha de Jora, chocolate and coffee making, and ceramics. Then you can enjoy a delicious Andean lunch surrounded by nature.



A welcome greeting by the members of the community, then we proceed to show then the workshop and the different accesses have, then we can go to the clay kneading and molding area where you can observe the preparation of the clay paste that will serve as the basis for the elaboration of the diversity of ceramics and utilities, then the molding of the clay on the lathe is shown with the participation of the guests, once the piece made this passes to the burning phase in the ovens.

Then it goes to the final phase where you can paint your pottery yourself with the different designs that they show you and at the end we can take a piece of art made with our own hands as a souvenir.


In this workshop they are taught about the breeding of the guinea pig, they are given a brief explanation about the origin of the guinea pig and what is the meaning for the community and the different benefits it has.

Then they go on to see the different breeds of guinea pigs they have, their particular characteristics, breeding techniques, their mating time and the selection by age and sex. Finally, they are taught how to prepare their food and feed them, to then feed them and take photos.


With this workshop, we can learn about the elaboration of chicha. In Inca times it was used as a sacred drink with which the Pachamama (Mother Earth) was thanked and until today it is consumed by the inhabitants in the traditional Chicherías after a job, they are shown how this activity is carried out and how long it takes to finish its process, we can appreciate the grinding of the corn, and then they will see the cooking of the huiñapo invited with various typical herbs, then the guests participate in the filtering in strainers made of straw We will also be able to observe the different types of corn that are used to make Chicha and you will finally be able to taste a delicious glass of Chicha or Frutillada.


In this workshop we will live one of the sweetest and most dangerous experiences of the tour, where you will face your own fears, you will teach us about bee breeding and you will have a brief explanation about the history of bees, they are smoked, then we invite you to come closer to the place where the boxes with the honeycombs are located, they will also be taught care and how to extract honey from the diapers. At the end we can taste the nectar of fresh honey.


In this workshop we will be able to observe the process and management of natural, ancestral and medicinal plants, we proceed to show them and give them a brief explanation of the climatic behavior in relation to the seasons and how, according to this, different types of products such as tubers are cultivated. and vegetables.

They are shown the different tools that are used in farm work such as chaquitaqllas to the plow by cattle team. The guest participates in plowing the land, planting, weeding or harvesting depending on the season, each person will be able to collect plants medicines in a basket to later be able to consume each one of them in mates and be able to taste the different flavors and properties of each one.


We proceed to show them the workshop and give them a brief explanation and show them the coffee in its different varieties, then and with the participation of the guests, they go on to show them the roasting process and its different techniques, then they participate in the grinding process in which teaches the different grinding points depending on the past or filtering system that is used later.

Finally, the past of the drop-by-drop coffee will be made, and the pot coffee sweetened with panela or chancaca from Quillabamba, guests will be invited to taste it.


We will learn where the seed comes from and how homemade chocolate is made with select Cacao beans, then we will show you the roasting, grinding and kneading process for its transformation into pure paste chocolate and its various variants, you will be taught chocolate molding. and each participant will be able to make a chocolate mold, and finally we will be able to taste a delicious cup of chocolate.



  • Tourism transport.
  • Official tour guide.
  • Local interpreter.
  • Lunch prepared by the community.
  • Three activities (Chicha, guinea pig and ceramics worshop).
  • Biosecurity protocols.


  • Activities not mentioned above.
  • Drinks and extra expenses.



  • Passport or Identity Document.
  • Video and/or photographic camera.
  • Light clothing and comfortable shoes.
  • A personal backpack.
  • Rain poncho.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • Hat.
  • Binoculars.
  • Sunglasses and plastic bag.
  • Water Canteen or Bottle of mineral water.
  • Medicines and personal things.
  • Carry coins in small denominations Soles or Dollars




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Trilha Inca clássica, ótima experiência!! Tivemos uma excelente experiência nestes quatros dias de Trilha Inca clássica. A agência nos deu grande suporte, desde quando ainda estávamos no Brasil, sempre disponíveis e tirando todas as nossas dúvidas. Destaco aqui o Abel, muito cordial e atencioso. Nosso guia, o Carlinhos foi simplesmente excelente. Foi um grande incentivador, muito paciente e solícito. Sensível para cada detalhe do caminho: a história, os animais com os quais cruzávamos, as plantas. Sempre explicando cada detalhe pacientemente. Nos trechos mais difíceis nos ajudou, nos incentivou. Carlinhos foi uma pessoa muito especial nestes quatro dias. Ótimo guia. Destaco também toda a equipe envolvida com o carregamento dos equipamentos e também o nosso Chef, o Juan. Nos alimentamos muito bem nesses quatro dias. Ótima comida. Enfim, tivemos uma ótima experiência. Recomendo a agência “Inca Perú Travel”.
Naiane D
Naiane D
Incrível, maravilhosa! A empresa nos recepcionou bem do início ao fim! Super atencioso, nos ajudou inclusive com coisas que não faziam parte do pacote, ainda recebemos um mimo no final, que nos deixou imensamente felizes! Recomendo de olhos fechados! Obrigada por todo carinho e atenção!
Daniel Z
Daniel Z
Una experiencia inolvidable Me siento muy satisfecho con la coordinación brindada por la Agencia Inca Perú Travel en todos los aspectos de mi tours por diferentes ciudades de Perú y Tiahuanaco en Bolivia. Muy profesionales, responsables y sobre todo con una gran amabilidad. Recomiendo ampliamente sus servicios.
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My London Tour Guide
Amazing tourism community project in Urubamba via Inca Peru Travel - not to be missed We booked the most amazing experience with Jhon. A tourism community near to Urubamba. Highly recommended and Jhon was an excellent guide and great company as well. So friendly and so clear in his explanations of the activities. We learned how to make traditional coffee, ground chocolate beans and made some chocolate and even made our local ceramic plates, all with expert local tuition. The whole day was topped off with a delicious lunch made by members of the local community. Highly recommended local experience made perfect by inca peru travel.
Una agencia de turismo con personal excepcional Tomamos el tour para conocer Machu Picchu con Inca Perú Travel. Desde días antes Abel se comunicó con nosotros para realizar las coordinaciones del tour que habíamos contratado. En todo momento nos sentimos acompañados y bien asesorados por él y todo el personal de la agencia. Incluso al presentarse un retraso de más de una hora en el tren de ida a Machu Picchu Pueblo. Asumieron todas nuestras preocupaciones como propias, liberándonos de ellas.
Nathalia B
Nathalia B
Incrivel Ótima agência, fizemos um pacote com agência do Brasil em parceria com a Inca, foram ótimos, super atenciosos, solícitos, nos auxiliaram em tudo e garantiram que todos os passeios dessem certo e tivéssemos os melhores momentos nesse destino fantástico.
Trilha Inca Tradicional....experiência que ficará para sempre na memória Fizemos a trilha Inca Tradicional de 4 dias e 3 noites com a Inca Peru Travel em família (2 adultos e 2 adolescentes de 16 e 12 anos). Desde o inicio do contato nos deram todas as informações e suporte para essa trilha desafiadora mas ao mesmo tempo magnífica. Estávamos em 4 pessoas e a empresa disponibilizou 6 pessoas (carregadores, cozinheiros, montador de barraca, etc) e o excelente guia José Américo que nos deu uma aula sobre a civilização Inca (fala espanhol ou ingles). A trilha é pesada (são 43km com muita subida e descida) mas devagarinho e com a paciência de toda a equipe da Inca Peru Travel tivemos uma experiência que ficará para sempre na memória. As refeições do cozinheiro estavam deliciosas. O único ponto negativo da trilha são os banheiros dos campings que deveriam ser limpos mais vezes ao dia. Mas isso não tem nada haver com a empresa (já que todas as empresas que fazem a trilha ficam nos mesmos acampamentos) e sim um pedido ao governo peruano que administra a trilha. O turismo do Peru é maravilhoso e deve olhar a esses detalhes. Obrigada pela experiencia Inca Peru Travel, Abel e Jose Américo. Amamos
Cesar C
Cesar C
Excelente tour, recomendado Excelente tour, la pasamos muy bien y logramos realizar todo lo planeado, llegan a tiempo y los guías te explican muy detallado todo, además de colaborarte con la toma de fotos. Muy buena planificación para nuestras vacaciones
Leandro S
Leandro S
Inca Peru Travel melhor agência do Peru Melhor agência do Peru!!! A Inca Peru Travel foi perfeita em todos os momentos, sempre muito pontual, desde o transfer do aeroporto até os passeios, refeições, hotel! Não nos preocupamos com nada, apenas comprei as passagens aéreas, o restante fui tudo com a Inca Peru Travel. Inclusive ganhamos um mimo deles na despedida. Agradeço muito pela experiência incrível que nos proporcionaram. Recomendo demais!
Elaine R
Elaine R
Increíble, un sueño hecho realidad!! ¡¡Fue fantástico!! Desde el accesorio en el cierre de los recorridos hasta su realización. Todos los tours se realizaron según lo acordado, con los mejores guías, Inca Peru Travel todo el tiempo brindándome la atención y preocupándome por el bienestar del turista. Muy recomendable, perfecto!!!

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