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Duration 13 Days
Difficulty Hard

This will be a great hike that combines different types of ecosystems, a variety of flora and fauna throughout these 13 days. This is the route of the Inca “Manco Inca” who, after the arrival of the Spanish, took refuge in Vilcabamba and from there stood firm in the counterattacks against the invaders. Vilcabamba is northwest of Cusco, in the province of La Convención and in the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes.

We created this extreme hiking itinerary only for people who love to hike for long periods of time, people who like adventure, culture and amazing landscapes. Join this extreme hiking adventure that combines three very important archaeological sites from the Inca era, one of the most important being the great wonder of the modern world “Machu Picchu”.


Altitude: 15050 – 4600 mm. / 5085 – 15092 f.

High Season: All year

Duration: 13 days – 12 nights

Difficulty Level: Difficult / Challenging

* It is necessary to have a minimum of 02 people to be able to organize this trek.



5:00 AM Approximately, we will be going through the respective hotels of our clients. We start this adventure by driving to the San Pedro de Cachora Town (2900 m / 9514f), a magical little town surrounded by beautiful mountains and the majestic Padreyoc glacier. It is in this place where our team of muleteers will join our group to start this great trek. After passing the village of Capuliyoc (3030 m / 9940f), we will begin our descent to our camp called Chiquisca (1950 m / 6395f).

Weather: Hot

Hiking time: 7 hours


After a comforting breakfast, we will descend to La Playa Rosalina (1530 m / 50201f) and then we will ascend to the town of Marampata (2850 m / 9350 f). From here we will have a wonderful view of the archaeological complex of Choquequirao (3033 m / 9950f). If we are lucky, at sunset, we can see condors flying. Our camp, in Choquequirao, is about 25 minutes from the archaeological site at 2950 m / 9678f.

Weather: Warm and Cold

Hiking time: 7 hours


We will have an early breakfast, and then we will go to the citadel of Choquequirao called “Cradle of Gold”, and we will enjoy the tranquility in this place. Further on, we will explore this archaeological site, of which only 30% has been restored, in more detail: we will visit the section of the palaces, the liturgical sources, the temple of the high priest, the section of the llamas and the Ushnu. Thereafter, our journey continues towards the Choquequirao pass (3270m/10728f) and passes the archaeological site of Pinchaunuyoc (2450 m/8038f). Finally, we will head to the deepest point of the small canyon known as Río Blanco or Río Silvestre (1900 m/6234f), where our camp is located.

Weather: Warm with mosquitoes

Hiking time: 3.5 hours


After breakfast, we will begin a difficult ascent to the tropical forest of Maizal (3000 m / 9843f). After four hours, we will arrive at the Maizal community, where we will spend the night. Maizal is a nice place to enjoy a spectacular view of mountains and glaciers, such as the Qori Wayrachina (5515 m / 18082f).

Weather: Hot and cold with mosquitoes

Hiking time: 5.5 hours


Our journey continues following the Inca trail. There are parts of the road that are risky, we always have to be careful. First, we will ascend to the top of the San Juan pass (4170 m / 13681f). From here, we will have a beautiful view of the valleys, mountains and glaciers, some of the then reach more than 5000 m / 16404f. due to the constant changes of the ecosystem, the Vilcabamba mountain range is undoubtedly one of the most complex regions. Our campsite will be in the town of Yanama (3530 m / 11581f).

Weather: Cold

Hiking time: 6 hours


In Yanama we will experience Andean life, its costumes and traditions. Our hike continues up and down through tropical forests such as Urpipata, Yutupata (3300 m/10827f) and Tucarhuay and leads to the Quellccamachay cave. Our campsite is called Lazuna Pampa (3800 m / 12467f).

Weather: Cold

Hiking time: 7 hours


After the comforting breakfast, we will hike until we reach the Choquetacarpu pass (4600 m / 15092f). Here we will have a short break and explore the Andean mountains area. After our rest, we will descend to the town of Pillaupata (3200 m / 10499f), where our camp is located.

Weather: Cold

Hiking time: 8 hours


Early in the morning, we will visit the archaeological sites of Vitcos Rosaspata (3080 m / 10105f), Ñustahispana (Yurac Rumi) (3050 m / 10007f) and recent excavations. Thereafter, we will ascend the Azutina pass (4000 m/12975f) and descend to our camp site located at Inca Wasi (3600 m/11811f).

Weather: temperate and cold with mosquitoes

Hiking time: 7 hours


We start our adventure, during the day we will see parts of the Inca Trail that lead to the community of Racachaca (3700 m / 12139f), where we will have lunch. We will also meet some Andean families, who will tell us something about their customs and traditions. Our camping place will be in Hatún Pampa (4000 m / 13123f).

Weather: Cold

Hiking time: 5 hours


This day is characterized by constant ups and downs and changes in the ecosystem. First we will hike towards Yanacocha pass (4420 m / 14501f), Tullu Tacana (4500 m / 14764f) and Mojón (4500 m / 14764f). Later, we will descend to the Cocha Laco lagoon (3600 m / 11811f). Our camp site will be in the cloud forest of Mutuypata (3250 m / 10663f), home of the Andean bear.

Weather: temperate and cold with mosquitoes

Hiking time: 9 hours


After breakfast, we start our walk, we will enjoy the biodiversity of orchids, bromelains and other plants, and we will see coffee, avocado and papaya plantations. In Yanatile (2100 m / 6890f) we will take public transport to Santa Teresa (1850 m / 6070f). In this town, we will spend the night in a basic hotel. If you like, you can also visit the hot springs of Cocalmayo.

Weather: Warm with mosquitoes

Hiking time: 5 hours


We will get up at 6:30 a.m. and we will have breakfast, then we will continue the hike to the Machu Picchu hydroelectric power plant. We will pass many waterfalls and especially one that falls from 45 m. Approx. After that, we will arrive at the hydroelectric power plant to rest and have lunch. Then we will hike for 3 hours to reach our final destination, the town of Aguas Calientes. Here we will have our accommodation and dinner, then we will have our corresponding briefing about the visit to Machu Picchu for the next day.

Weather: Warm with mosquitoes

Hiking time: 4 hours


We will leave our hotel after breakfast at 5:30 am and head towards Machu Picchu (2400 m / 7874f) by tourist bus. We will arrive at  Machu Picchu around 6:00 a.m. We will have a guided tour of approximately 2 hours through the most important sites of this wonder. We will have some free time and if your ticket includes a visit to the Wayna Picchu mountain, you will have enough time to make this ascent on your own. We will board the bus down to Aguas Calientes to have lunch and then take the train to Ollantaytambo. In Ollantaytambo, our transport will be waiting for us to transfer us to  Cusco.

Weather: Warm

Hiking time: 3 hours


(1) From the first to the eleventh day (from Cachora to Yanatile) we are accompanied by muleteers and mules who will carry all the camping equipment and the client’s private luggage (up to 9 kg per person). On the twelfth day, all luggage will be transferred to the hydroelectric station by car.

(2) Tips for muleteers, cooks and guides are always welcome. The porters are also very grateful for a small donation, for example clothes or school equipment for their children.

(3) It is very important that the client hires his travel insurance. In addition to always carrying your personal medicines. This is an extreme hiking route.



  • Previous briefing at 7:00 p.m. at your hotel 1 or 2 days before the departure date.
  • Tourist transport from the hotel to Cachora.
  • Local transportation from Yanatile to Santa Teresa.
  • Local transportation from Santa Teresa to the Hydroelectric.
  • Bus ticket: Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu – Aguas Calientes.
  • Tourist train from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo
  • Entrance ticket to Choquequirao.
  • Entrance ticket to Vitcos, Rosaspata and Ñustahispana.
  • Entrance ticket to Machu Picchu.
  • Basic hostel in Santa Teresa.
  • Hotel in Aguas Calientes
  • Dinner in the town of Aguas Calientes.
  • Professional bilingual guide (Spanish and English).
  • High quality camping equipment Himalaya model, extra light / 4.5 kg and Eureka tent, both are for 2 people
  • Professional tents for 2 people: In our shared services, our clients will share a double accommodation tent (2 people in 1 tent), if any client wants to occupy a simple tent (1 person in 1 tent), they must make an additional payment.
  • Meals during the excursion (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks).
  • Kitchen and cooking equipment.
  • Muleteers and mules, for our camping equipment and client staff (up to 9 kg).
  • Emergency horse
  • First aid kit and oxygen bottle.


  • Breakfast day 1 and lunch day 13
  • Hot springs in Santa Teresa (optional: 10 Soles).
  • Hot springs in Aguas Calientes (optional: 10 Soles).
  • Sleeping bag (if you don’t have a sleeping bag, there is the possibility of renting one)
  • Walking poles (if you do not have, we can rent you)
  • Travel Insurance (IMPORTANT)


  • The additional for the entrance ticket to the Huayna Picchu mountain is US$25 dollars. (If you want to add this visit, please confirm when booking the tour to check availability).
  • Upgrade to the best quality train, Vistadome is US$40 per person.



  • Backpack with rain cover.
  • Good quality sleeping bag.
  • Clothes for warm and cold weather.
  • Rain pants and light pants.
  • Trekking shoes.
  • Slippers or sandals (for showers and thermal baths).
  • Wool or synthetic socks and a sweater.
  • Long-sleeved and short-sleeved t-shirts / polo shirts.
  • Rain poncho and a hat.
  • Swimsuit (for the thermal baths in Santa Teresa / Aguas Calientes).
  • Sunscreen, insect repellent, alcohol and gel disinfectant, water bottle and sterilizing tablets, toiletries and toilet paper.
  • Camera.
  • Flashlight and batteries.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Snacks such as chocolate bars, cereals, candies, dried fruit, etc.
  • Original passport, original ISIC student card and extra money in soles.




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Trilha Inca clássica, ótima experiência!! Tivemos uma excelente experiência nestes quatros dias de Trilha Inca clássica. A agência nos deu grande suporte, desde quando ainda estávamos no Brasil, sempre disponíveis e tirando todas as nossas dúvidas. Destaco aqui o Abel, muito cordial e atencioso. Nosso guia, o Carlinhos foi simplesmente excelente. Foi um grande incentivador, muito paciente e solícito. Sensível para cada detalhe do caminho: a história, os animais com os quais cruzávamos, as plantas. Sempre explicando cada detalhe pacientemente. Nos trechos mais difíceis nos ajudou, nos incentivou. Carlinhos foi uma pessoa muito especial nestes quatro dias. Ótimo guia. Destaco também toda a equipe envolvida com o carregamento dos equipamentos e também o nosso Chef, o Juan. Nos alimentamos muito bem nesses quatro dias. Ótima comida. Enfim, tivemos uma ótima experiência. Recomendo a agência “Inca Perú Travel”.
Naiane D
Naiane D
Incrível, maravilhosa! A empresa nos recepcionou bem do início ao fim! Super atencioso, nos ajudou inclusive com coisas que não faziam parte do pacote, ainda recebemos um mimo no final, que nos deixou imensamente felizes! Recomendo de olhos fechados! Obrigada por todo carinho e atenção!
Daniel Z
Daniel Z
Una experiencia inolvidable Me siento muy satisfecho con la coordinación brindada por la Agencia Inca Perú Travel en todos los aspectos de mi tours por diferentes ciudades de Perú y Tiahuanaco en Bolivia. Muy profesionales, responsables y sobre todo con una gran amabilidad. Recomiendo ampliamente sus servicios.
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My London Tour Guide
Amazing tourism community project in Urubamba via Inca Peru Travel - not to be missed We booked the most amazing experience with Jhon. A tourism community near to Urubamba. Highly recommended and Jhon was an excellent guide and great company as well. So friendly and so clear in his explanations of the activities. We learned how to make traditional coffee, ground chocolate beans and made some chocolate and even made our local ceramic plates, all with expert local tuition. The whole day was topped off with a delicious lunch made by members of the local community. Highly recommended local experience made perfect by inca peru travel.
Una agencia de turismo con personal excepcional Tomamos el tour para conocer Machu Picchu con Inca Perú Travel. Desde días antes Abel se comunicó con nosotros para realizar las coordinaciones del tour que habíamos contratado. En todo momento nos sentimos acompañados y bien asesorados por él y todo el personal de la agencia. Incluso al presentarse un retraso de más de una hora en el tren de ida a Machu Picchu Pueblo. Asumieron todas nuestras preocupaciones como propias, liberándonos de ellas.
Nathalia B
Nathalia B
Incrivel Ótima agência, fizemos um pacote com agência do Brasil em parceria com a Inca, foram ótimos, super atenciosos, solícitos, nos auxiliaram em tudo e garantiram que todos os passeios dessem certo e tivéssemos os melhores momentos nesse destino fantástico.
Trilha Inca Tradicional....experiência que ficará para sempre na memória Fizemos a trilha Inca Tradicional de 4 dias e 3 noites com a Inca Peru Travel em família (2 adultos e 2 adolescentes de 16 e 12 anos). Desde o inicio do contato nos deram todas as informações e suporte para essa trilha desafiadora mas ao mesmo tempo magnífica. Estávamos em 4 pessoas e a empresa disponibilizou 6 pessoas (carregadores, cozinheiros, montador de barraca, etc) e o excelente guia José Américo que nos deu uma aula sobre a civilização Inca (fala espanhol ou ingles). A trilha é pesada (são 43km com muita subida e descida) mas devagarinho e com a paciência de toda a equipe da Inca Peru Travel tivemos uma experiência que ficará para sempre na memória. As refeições do cozinheiro estavam deliciosas. O único ponto negativo da trilha são os banheiros dos campings que deveriam ser limpos mais vezes ao dia. Mas isso não tem nada haver com a empresa (já que todas as empresas que fazem a trilha ficam nos mesmos acampamentos) e sim um pedido ao governo peruano que administra a trilha. O turismo do Peru é maravilhoso e deve olhar a esses detalhes. Obrigada pela experiencia Inca Peru Travel, Abel e Jose Américo. Amamos
Cesar C
Cesar C
Excelente tour, recomendado Excelente tour, la pasamos muy bien y logramos realizar todo lo planeado, llegan a tiempo y los guías te explican muy detallado todo, además de colaborarte con la toma de fotos. Muy buena planificación para nuestras vacaciones
Leandro S
Leandro S
Inca Peru Travel melhor agência do Peru Melhor agência do Peru!!! A Inca Peru Travel foi perfeita em todos os momentos, sempre muito pontual, desde o transfer do aeroporto até os passeios, refeições, hotel! Não nos preocupamos com nada, apenas comprei as passagens aéreas, o restante fui tudo com a Inca Peru Travel. Inclusive ganhamos um mimo deles na despedida. Agradeço muito pela experiência incrível que nos proporcionaram. Recomendo demais!
Elaine R
Elaine R
Increíble, un sueño hecho realidad!! ¡¡Fue fantástico!! Desde el accesorio en el cierre de los recorridos hasta su realización. Todos los tours se realizaron según lo acordado, con los mejores guías, Inca Peru Travel todo el tiempo brindándome la atención y preocupándome por el bienestar del turista. Muy recomendable, perfecto!!!

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