The Cleaning Campaign on the Inca Trail 2023

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The Cleaning Campaign on the Inca Trail 2023

Organized by the National Service of Natural Protected Areas (Sernanp) in collaboration with various travel agencies, including Inca Peru Travel in Cusco, was an initiative dedicated to the conservation and preservation of this iconic world heritage site.
During the campaign, local volunteers, conscientious tourists, and staff from participating agencies joined forces to collect waste and debris along the Inca Trail. The goal was to clean and restore specific areas affected by litter accumulation, thereby promoting a healthier and safer environment for visitors and wildlife.
Inca Peru Travel played an active role by providing logistical support and mobilizing its staff and clients to participate in the cleaning activities. The campaign not only enhanced the aesthetics and accessibility of the Inca Trail but also heightened environmental awareness and commitment to sustainable tourism practices among participants and local communities.
This collaboration between Sernanp, travel agencies like Inca Peru Travel, and volunteers underscored the importance of shared environmental responsibility in safeguarding Cusco’s cultural and natural heritage sites, laying the groundwork for future conservation and environmental education initiatives.

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