The Christmas Campaign 2023 in Paruparu Pisac

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The Christmas Campaign 2023 in Paruparu Pisac

Organized by the travel agency Inca Peru Travel in the rural community of Paruparu, Pisac, Cusco, was a memorable celebration aimed at bringing joy and solidarity to this rural community. Throughout the event, various activities were conducted to celebrate the Christmas season inclusively and festively.

Inca Peru Travel organized a hot chocolate gathering for local residents, providing a warm and comforting experience for all attendees. Additionally, gifts were distributed to the children of the community, ensuring that each received a special present during Santa Claus’s visit.

The initiative not only aimed to share the joy of Christmas but also to strengthen the bonds between the travel agency, its employees, and the community of Paruparu. This charitable action reflected Inca Peru Travel’s commitment to social welfare and support for the local communities where it operates, promoting a spirit of collaboration and reciprocity that extends beyond the Christmas season.

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