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Dear collaborators, suppliers and service providers, in INCA PERU TRAVEL we are aware of the work that you understand in the execution of our services and we recognize the importance of extending the quality and development of sustainable tourism.

This Decalogue is born with the vision of generating an attitude that seeks continuous improvement and adapts our economic and social activities to provide a better service every day. Below, we present the commitments that we practice in our company, and that now, we invoke the effort for voluntary application in your company and its operations.

These are aimed at providing quality service, protecting the environment and respecting human rights.
human rights.


We plan our services with those suppliers that offer guarantees of quality, health and safety, respect for human rights and the rights of their workers.
quality, health and safety, respect for human rights and the rights of their workers,
non-discrimination in any form, promote equity and respect for the environment.


We use natural resources, such as water, paper and electricity, sparingly.
moderation. We recognize that they are scarce goods and that we must take actions to control and reduce them, ensuring them for future generations.
control and reduction, ensuring them for our future generations; we also seek to reduce


We try to minimize waste generation. When disposing of waste, we do so as cleanly as possible, in in the cleanest way possible, in coordination with entities specialized in waste disposal. final disposal of waste.


 We comply with the Biosafety Protocols to avoid the risk of exposure of our employees and customers.
our collaborators and clients.


 We do not promote and denounce the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. We take
measures to ensure that our employees are not under the influence of alcohol, tobacco and drugs at work.


We inform our clients that, when visiting sensitive ecosystems, they should always do so taking into account to cause as little impact as possible and not degrade them.
to cause the least possible impact and not to degrade them.


 We encourage our customers to look for products that are an expression of local culture when buying gifts and souvenirs. Favor the economy of the villages that welcome you while respecting cultural diversity and fair prices.


 We ask our customers not to purchase flora and fauna protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), nor products derived from such species. It is a crime and contributes to their extinction.


 We promote enjoyment by getting to know the culture, customs, gastronomy and traditions of the local populations. Respecting them and approaching them with their license. They have a lot to teach us


We are against exploitation and abuse in any form: Sexual exploitation of minors and adolescents, exploitation of communities and people involved in all services and operations, animal abuse of domestic and wild species.

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