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Welcome to the Inca Peru Travel blog, here you will find important information, curious facts and a lot of information about Cusco, the Inca Culture and the history of Peru.

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Trains to Machu Picchu 2022

If you have the desire to visit the magical citadel of Machu Picchu here we will summarize the different types of trains offered by Peru Rail Types of Peru Rail trains Many are interested in knowing what differences exist between the various cars…
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Cusco is surrounded by incredible mountains and snow-capped peaks called Apus (mountain spirit) by the inhabitants, who show them great respect through bows and offerings, a tradition that has lasted since the time of the Incas. Respect is born from the belief that…
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About language tips and phrases

LANGUAGES ORIGINATING FROM CUSCO: LEARN BASIC WORDS AND SENTENCES IN QUECHUA Cusco, as it was the center of the Inca Empire, adopted the only language of the Incas called Quechua or Runa Simi. During the conquests, the Incas were in charge of imposing…
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